CerusEndo MC021 Microcatheter

Accessing tortuous neurovasculature and delivering therapeutic devices to intended targets.

The CerusEndo MC 021 is a state of the art microcatheter designed to meet the needs of accessing tortuous neurovasculature and delivering therapeutic devices to intended targets. 


It is comprised of a Teflon lined ID for optimum interaction with intraluminal devices, a metal reinforced wall transitioning from a supportive and pushable proximal shaft to a compliant yet stable distal shaft, and a variable stiffness polymer jacket with a hydrophilic OD coating for smooth and predictable advancement. 


In addition, it has a standard luer lock hub at the proximal end, and a radiopaque marker at the steam-shapeable distal tip.  Paramount to the design of the CerusEndo MC 021 was the drive to create a microcatheter providing optimum target vessel access, and best in class stability during delivery of intraluminal therapeutic devices such as stents, flow diverters, and intrasaccular embolization devices

Product information and sizing

Caution:  Products are investigational only and are not available for sale in the United States or European Union.

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