Neqstent Coil Assisted Flow Diverter


Dual mesh construction for improved stability

Treats a wide range of unruptured aneurysm morphologies including wide-necked bifurcation and bifurcation aneurysms. Adjunctive device providing stable aneurysm neck  coverage for the placement  of embolization coils within sac and long term stable occlusion of the aneurysm.

  • Requires the physician to size only to the aneurysm neck;

  • Smooth and controlled delivery into aneurysm sac;

  • Minimal arterial components and some flow diverting properties to reduce  coil compaction and recurrences;

  • Delivered using established catheterization techniques;

  • Electrolytic method of detachment.

1. Guidewire passing through mesh
2. Advance microcatheter to mesh
3. Advance microcatheter over wire through mesh
4. Advance coil through microcatheter into the aneurysm
Captura de Pantalla 2021-07-16 a les 14.13.53.png

Caution:  Neqstent is not available for sale in the United States.

Indications for Use

The Neqstent™ is indicated for use in conjunction with conventional embolic coils for endovascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms.


· Inability to access the target aneurysm with a microcatheter

· Patient anatomy or physiology considered unsuitable for endovascular treatment

· Allergy to platinum, nickel or titanium

· Aneurysm not appropriate geometry for device