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Webinar recordings

Contour Neurovascular System™: an early Indian experience

3rd July 2021

Prof. Vipul Gupta (Moderator)

Dr. Gaurav Goel, Nitin Dange and Prof. Thomas Liebig.


Imagen 12.png

Cerus Endovascular UK&I User group meeting for complex wide neck bifurcation aneurysms

25th February 2021

Dr. Tufail Patankar (Moderator)

Prof. Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer, Prof. Alessandra Biondi and Prof. Thomas Liebig

Imagen 11.png

Contour Neurovascular System™: The CERUS Trial and French Experience

25th November 2020

Dr. Mario Martínez Galdámez (Moderator)

Prof. Alessandra Biondi and Prof. Thomas Liebig.



Innovations on wide necked bifurcation aneurysms: The Contour Neurovascular System™ &  Neqstent Coil Assisted Flow Diverter

13th October 2020

Prof. Vipul Gupta (Moderator)

Prof. Thomas Liebig, Dr. Tufail Patankar and Dr. Gyula Gal


Complex treatment of wide necked bifurcation aneurysms

21st May 2020

Prof. Pascal Jabbour (Moderator)

Prof. Monika Killer-Oberpfalzer, Prof. Thomas Liebig, Prof. Christophe Cognard. Tufail Patankar and Dr. Fritz Wodarg.


Webinar Cerus 21.05.png

The novel Contour Neurovascular System™ - the Munich Experience

28th April 2020

Prof. Thomas Liebig and Dr. Fritz Wodarg (Moderator)

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